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  1. Several Questions here...<br>
    1. Drivers, how do I make sure I cleared the drivers? I think I got several versions of Radeon drivers all jumbled together or something. Also which driver is better? Current using the newest beta one.<br>
    2. RadeonTweaker, or other programs, any recommended settings? I just fiddled around and ended up somehow with worse graphics and speed...<br>
    3. Overclocking, my default core/memory is at 169Mhz(yep cheap OEM versions <IMG SRC="smileys/rolleyes.gif"> ) What is the limit that I should stay within when trying to overclock?<br>
    4. Any suggestions for overall improving my system performance? My friends computer(AMD 700, Voodoo3 3000, 128mb ram, res the same) runs UT at a faster FPS then me at 1024x768. (he's is at 16-bit color, mines 32-bit). Yes he awes in amazement on how much my game looks better <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> , but still I think I should somehow be getting better then 30 to 40 FPS...
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    Well ya computer is very ill, i would use the magic line of hope FORMAT C: then re-install everything again. I know my Radeon HATED windows ME. but it runs gr8 on W2K, and 98SE. Then cum back for more help after ya have done that.
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>Originally posted by cpuy6:<br>
    <b>Then cum back for more help after ya have done that.</b><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
    I think someone is super-fixiated on Marian...and it is not me....<br>
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    alright thanks, that'll be the 4th format this summer <IMG SRC="smileys/rolleyes.gif"> .

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    WTF are ya talking about now? "i'm no mantis" LOL <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif">

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