help with r9 290 and new 4k monitor

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    Today I got my new 4k AOC U2868PQU and hooked it using the supplied dp caple to dp in my r9 290 ( gigabyte reference no oc ), the rest of my system is 5820k on a msi x99 , 16 gb ddr4 ram and a Samsung 840 pro 512gb for windows and games on win 8.1 pro x64 and catalyst 15.7, first of all whatever I do I can get 4k at 60hz, only 30hz or I get a sever flickering problems, on research it was a common problem with r9 290/x and I tried all possible solution I found with no good so I decided to skip the next 2 months anyway when I was planning for vga upgrade then out of sudden my pc restarted it self with a bsod and a message that I searched online tobe related to outdated vga driver ( on 15.7) and also tried all solution to boot again with no result too, any ideas to solve these problems without doing fresh install for now ? thanks
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