Help with O/C a XP 2200+

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by Chout, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. Chout

    Chout Guest

    Just wanted to know if my particular chip is good for
    overclocking and how high do you think it is possible
    to go with a Volcano 9+ on the chip. What would my
    voltage need to be? Thanks to all in advance for the


    AXDA2200DKV3C 9353703240462
    AIUGA 0236EPBW 1999 AMD

  2. Chout

    Chout Guest

    Does this help out at all?

    Athlon XP Processor High-end
    Core Thoroughbred-A
    CPU Model 8
    Performance Rating 2200+
    Working frequency 1800 MHz
    Package Type OPGA
    Operating Voltage 1.65 V
    Max Die Temperature 85° C
    L1 Cache Size 128 KB
    L2 Cache Size 256 KB
    Multiplier 13.5x
    FSB Frequency 266 MHz
    Stepping Code AIUGA
    Manufacture Year 2002
    Manufacture Week 36
    Production Batch B
    Batch Production Number 0462
    Downgraded from 2400+
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    Sparkle geforce 4 TI 4200 8X 128 MB
    I think (don't know for sure, don't know stepping code etc.) yours can run at 2,0 Ghz : 2400+ Mine is running at that speed, 1,7 volt 148 FSB Idle:45C Stressed: 47C Case:40C... With a Gigabyte mobo.

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