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    I have just Built a new system so I passed the old one to the Kidswhich allready had Riva Tuner on it. I cleared the Drivers from the 9800gtx+ and put the 8600gt in along with the drivers in from the CD and started it up . I went to Riva tuner to check out the Fan speed and temp , well it told that I had to update Riva Tuner so I uninstalled the old one and installed 2.24 and it went and did its thing by checking my system. well when it was finished it ask me again Please install the lastest version of Riva Tuner, well I thought that was a glitch and continiude with the program. I set the fan speed on it and it wouldnt do a thing. So I thought maybe it was because it had the CD Drivers in it so I installed the Lastest Driver version for it and it the same, The Fan well not increase for some reason. Please note That I installed Riva Tuner 2.24 on my new PC with the 9800 gtx and it works fine. My Freind has the same card and Riva Tuner 2.24 and his workd fine, So what did I miss here? Thanks

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