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Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Mysteryboi, Jul 18, 2021.

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    Hi guys,

    I am making this thread because i have some issues with my pc that i can't seem to figure out / pinpoint exactly and wanted to see if anyone is able to assist

    So first problem i had kinda when i first built my pc around 4 years ago was sometimes randomly it wouldn't boot it would turn on and just show a black screen or it would turn on then turn off and say overclocking failed sometimes the only way to get the pc to boot would be to pull the power cable out hold down the power button and then plug the cable back on turn it on

    This problem was completely random could happen 5 times a week could happen once a month i kinda just dealt with it as once the system booted it was rock solid stable no crashing nothing

    The next issue i faced was my 16gb of ram (4 x 4gb sticks) 1 of the 4gb sticks would randomly stop being read sometimes and then i would reseat the memory and it would work then the ram slot stopped working completely so i had to put the ram into 1 of the other slots that was out of what the motherboard configuration recomended as in which slots for xx amount of ram

    I also noticed that my motherboard cpu pins in some places were bent i tried to fix these the best i could everything seemed fine
    I now recently started to get random blue screens not very often but also im getting a lot of memory error crashes in my games mainly world of warcraft (error 132) and im unsure if this is also related or not

    My idea is that the cpu pins that were messed up were responsible for the failing ram slot and now that my ram is in unideal configuration + possibly other ram slots being damages based on those cpu pins its causing all these other problems for me

    I have link to pastebin of 1 of the blue screens -

    world of warcraft tbc crash -

    I also plan to run the memorytest tool when i go to sleep to see if it finds anything any advice would be great
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    Try more voltage for both CPU and DRAM. Remove all overclocks. So it looks like you have older gear. Remove any GPU Overclock and under clock GPU by 50Mhz on core for testing,WOW 132 error is common ,remove mods and reset settings.

    For CPU add manually some voltage- Between 0.3v-0.5v . So if your running 1.29v under load go 1.32v-1.34v and test.
    For Ram add 0.1v . So if your running 1.6v go 1.7v and make sure your DRAM timings are correct (very important).
    That is where I would start,older gear needs more voltage sometimes and 95% of the time that is all it is,more voltage.
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    You have a failed memory slot and bent pins on the CPU socket so little wonder you have problems.

    The boot up issues you previously had sound very much like failed memory training so you likely had a bad DIMM or slot or bent pins from the get go.

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