Help! No voltage slider?

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    Hi gurus,

    I didn't want to open a new topic at first, sorry about littering the forum with another "simple" question. But I didn't find a similar post and (maybe) no one else had this issue before? :3eyes:

    Newly bought and plugged in and installed (win 7 64bit reinstalled with latest beta driver, no errors no glitches so far). I didn't play around tweaking yet, read some tests and just playin' it plain and simple.

    I've installed the asus smartdoctor and gamer osd but I've uninstalled it fairly quick because World of Warcraft started to play choppy on it. Probably some automatic setting should have been changed. Seriously I never liked that software so I didn't play around with it. :D

    All in all: I've installed msi afterburner and seems that the voltage slider is not active and I can't see the voltage metric either. Seemingly I got no errors, issues, hardware problems... just no chance to see and change voltage.

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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    you have to enable it in the menu, have a look through the manual.

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