Help! New junky gfx card trouble!

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by baggy288, May 7, 2005.

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    Hiya all, I've been jogging with my ole' Geforce 4 mmx 440 for 2 years now and I've had it.. But due to a poor economical situation, I was only able to afford something silghtly better - ATI Radeon 9550 - which is 128 MB instead of 64MB and is supposed to be a bit stronger than my old one.. Thing is - when I tried patching up the gfx card on my comp - it leads to total computer crash in about 30 seconds after rebooting.. I spent most of today rebooting over and over again trying to figure out a way to solve the problem! This gfx card is supposed to be at least as good as my old one - because it's of a much more updated make, even though it's not an A-class gfx card, it's still something a lot newer and with more memory than my old g4.. So I doubt it it's something that has to do with the card, I think I'm doing something incredibly wrong out here - I put the card in the AGP slot and immediately installed the drivers from the attached drivers' cd I got with the card, after installing them I ran into horrible computer failures almost instantaneously .. I tried using a clean-up remover (something called driver cleanup pro ) to get rid of the older nvidia drivers.. Also tried the classic "control panel" method of getting rid of those drivers.. I got 512MB of RAM so I doubt it's me running out of memory, plus - it doesn't happen when I use the old g4, actually.. I tried reinstalling the drivers directly from the driver files and not through the cd-setup and I even tried finding the drivers from and but for some reason the drivers' download is a broken link!

    Please guys! this card cost me (if not as expensive as it should have been) a pretty pence and I really want to make it work,

    can anyone please oh please help me?

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    make sure onboard is disabled

    you should be able to download latest ati drivers try them ( link shouldnt be broken )

    um why did you get a 9550

    you shouldve got a 6200
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    Use Driver Cleaner to make sure all the drivers are gone then reinstall the new drivers. Hopefully that'll fix your problem. Good Luck.
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    make sure you are following the entire directions for driver cleaner in order

    1. Unplug nic card or modem from net or disconnect
    2. Remove nvidia from add/remove programs
    3. Reboot into safe mode (F8 during boot up)
    4. On reboot into safe mode WinXP SP1/SP2 will auto detect and install drivers. Just let it do its thing. If you can cancel out of the auto install hardware wizard then skip the rest and run Driver Cleaner! If you can NOT cancel out of auto detect wizard then...
    5. Navigate to device manager->display adapters->highlight nVidia and click uninstall or remove but don't reboot
    6. Disable any AntiVirus Software (If you don't disable is than it could give trouble)
    7. Run Cab Cleaner (not needed, but recommended)
    8. Run Driver Cleaner
    9. Empty recycle bin and reboot
    10. Install the new drivers

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