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Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by thamara, May 15, 2005.

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    512MB Geforce7900GTX on 19" LCD
    Hay Guys
    I need Ur Help!
    I am still studing to my degree at a famous institute.
    althouh they say that their internet speed is faster & unlimited hours, their copmuters connect with very slow (30.0kbps) and we can't use them atleast 2 hours per day. because they say they have classes at computer lab. so we have to leave. How can I surf for studing with these unjustificable situation. My home connection is a dialup connection so I have to pay large bill(there re no ADSL/ISDN lines at my home town)
    I can't leave the Institute because I have paid them full payment.
    I think they have cheated us.
    What can I do???
    They provide us the internet conection using their server. The lan speeg displays 10.0Mbps.
    Some students trying to connect changing the Main lan cables to their computers, entering administration division.
    then then they get 2Mbps of speed, but at this moment we can't use the other computers that cable had been used.
    They cant fix it hurry (they get 2 or 3 days to recorrect the line)
    How can I find their user names and passwords?
    How can I increse the speed of my connection without permission??(not for permenent,only 2hours per day)
    Sorry about poor grammer & I don't know the leagal statements on this!! Thank U!
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    Could have sworn I replied to you before.

    As someone who runs this kinda stuff in Education, what your trying to do is against the rules.

    Deal with it and consult the IT Manager, he may have an explanation and a way to help you.

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