Help me on RivaTuner 2.24,about changing NVIDIA Driver/DirectX's Pixel Shader version

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    Friends, have you all played Operation Flashpoint? This year is my seventeenth year as a player of Operation Flashpoint.

    Operation Flashpoint will accompany me throughout my life.

    Operation Flashpoint has a unique problem, that is, starting from the DX9 graphics card, the night image effect in the game will become black and white.
    FLASHPOINT1 2021-10-12 15-44-02-48.jpg

    FLASHPOINT1 2021-10-12 15-45-34-16.jpg

    [as you see,the second in game night time picture was amost black and grey]

    The rendering on the DX8 graphics card is all normal.

    I have checked the official technical information and player forums. They mentioned that the night rendering of the game performed abnormally on the DX9 graphics card, such as 6800GT, 7950GT and later graphics cards, but everything is normal on the FX5200 graphics card, because FX5200 is a DX8 graphics card, FX5200 The DX9 function is not complete.

    What's more peculiar is that, among all the computer games in the world, Operation Flashpoint is the only game that has abnormal rendering problems with it's night images due to the upgrade of graphics card technology.

    There are two ideas to solve this problem

    There were two American (seem to be) players who have developed D3d8.dll for Operation Flashpoint, and matched it with Configurator.exe.

    In Configurator.exe, there is such a setting:

    Remove night pixelshader effect, after turning ON(not OFF) this option, the night image in the game can be rendered normally.


    But this D3d8.dll does not make any optimizations to the frame rate and performance.

    Those two authors had lost contact , their E-mailboxes wasn't existing anymore



    Then on PCgamingwiki, there is another D3D8.DLL,
    PCgamingwiki provides a solution to improve the performance of the game.

    This D3D8.DLL is really useful for improving the frame rate, but it does not support repairing the abnormal rendering of the game night image.

    Then there is antoher solution, the old version of RivaTuner 2.24, which can provide the opportunity to modify the NVIDIA graphics card driver, and support users to independently select the Pixel shader version of the graphics card, pixel shader v1.0, V2.0, V3.0, etc., just choose V2 .0, restart the computer, the game screen will be normal.

    However, RivaTuner 2.24 seems to only support 9800GT and previous graphics cards.

    Graphics cards after GTX200 and GTX400 are no longer supported.

    Moreover, it has become RivaTuner Statistics Server, which only provides functions like MSI afterburner.

    there were another tools like nVhardPage SE and nHancer ,they were failed to running with GTX970M and GTX280 (both on windows 7)

    So please help me:

    Does any friend have the ability to integrate two versions of D3D8.DLL?

    Is there a tool like RivaTuner 2.24 that can modify the pixel shader version of the driver?

    Is there a friend who has the ability to modify the pixel shader version in the driver for modern graphics cards?

    (this come to a bad end:Rundll error:nvcpl.dll not win32 ....... maybe GTX970M too new to this old tools)

    Some other information with DXDLL for OFP :

    To install, extract this archive to your Operation Flashpoint
    directory. Run dxdll/configurator.exe to configure, or edit
    the dxdll/config.cfg file with a text editor.

    Note! Do NOT copy the d3d8.dll into your windows system
    directory, doing so will break Direct3D from your system!

    Dxdll adds various effects to OFP, including postprocessing
    effects, reflective water and other enhancements.

    Postprocessing effects include hard light effect, desaturation
    effect and glare effect. For more information run the configu-
    rator. All postprocessing effects require a video card with
    at least pixel shader v1.1 support. Water reflections require
    environmental bumpmampping and render to texture support.

    Most effects and settings can also be changed with various
    in-game shortcuts, press the application key and'H' while
    playing for more information. When changing settings in-game,
    they are not saved into the configuration so if you want to
    do permanent changes you need to edit the configuration.

    Note that due to the way the DLL works, it is likely that
    there are compatibility problems with some video cards. If you
    encounter problems, try these procedures:
    -Disable some effects from the DXDLL configuration
    -Make sure HW T&L is enabled from OFP Preferences
    -Make sure multitexturing is enabled from video options
    -Try increasing the texture size settings from OFP Preferences
    -Try changing to 16bit or 32bit color
    -Decrease the hardware acceleration setting from windows display properties
    -Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for you video card

    To uninstall dxdll, remove the d3d8.dll file from OFP directory.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------
    Known bugs
    -------------------------------------------------- -------

    -Changing screen resolution will crash the game

    -Reflected objects appear "laggy" since they come from
    the last rendered frame

    -Glare fade effect often "burns" shapes into the image
    which do not disappear until bright objects come to view

    -Reflected objects are counted from farthest to nearest
    so when the reflected objects count limit is hit, objects
    near player will not be visible in the reflection

    -Reflected objects distance is relative to player's position,
    not the camera position, so when using 3rd person view or other
    external camera, reflected objects can appear wrong

    -Changes to OFP default textures, like changing the water
    texture, causes the dll not to recognise them and can
    cause some effect to not work properly.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------
    -------------------------------------------------- -------

    DXDLL is made by Kegetys <>
    and Feersum Endjinn <>

    Includes code from the zlib library,
    Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Mark Adler
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