Help looking for best Wifi modem for my needs

Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by snowfun87, Aug 6, 2017.

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    So I'm looking to buy a Wifi Modem, I'm not sure where or what to start looking for. I am going to be getting my internet from Spectrum and I believe it will be 60Mbps. It will just be me living in the house. What I will have connected to it will be my IPhone, FireStick for streaming Movies and Tv with HD or even 1080p, I will also have my Xbox One for online gaming such as COD, GTA and such, I will have my tablet ( hardly use) but if I do use it it's for online banking and YouTube. I'm looking for something that will keep up with that without buffering or lag.

    I need a few suggestions on the best modem to buy for these needs because I have a list from the internet provider with the compatible models I will have to check
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    1080Ti H20
    DPC3010 would be fine. It's just a modem

    You will need a router + ap for wifi.

    I would get something like a Unifi USG plus a unifi AP AC Pro

    It's better to get devices that perform a specific task instead of getting combo units that do everything..
    They usually aren't very good.

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