Help! Leadtek GFX 280 fan issue?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by MrPaulJames, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Leadtek GFX 280
    Hey guys,

    Hope someone can help me.

    I've just finished building me own rig, but the GFX card fan isn't starting up when I turn it on. It just sits there. I'm not sure if its the way I've powered the card (it has 2 pci-e power slots, one 3 pin wide, the other 4 :S)..

    Is it meant to do that? Will it speed up when the card gets hot?

    Or do I just have a dodgey card :(

    At the moment I have PCI-E power running into BOTH the slots on the graphics card.

    Can someone help me? Pleaseee? :)


    Mr Paul James
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    GTX280 @ 710/1484/1300
    what do you mean by the fan isn't starting up when you turned it on? is it just STOP Dead and not spinning?

    you sure attach the right PCIeX cables? 1x PCIeX 8-Pin and 1x PCIeX 6-Pin for GTX 280

    mostly newer NVidia Graphic Card 9800 series and higher than that, using auto fan from the drivers (CMIIW)

    the GFX card will always stuck at around 60°C (in my 9800GTX 512MB) and the fan spinning around 35 - 40 percent, when the GPU loads up until 72 - 80°C fan speed will automatically runs for 80s percent and getting loud, when it gets cooler, the fan will automatically spinning down until reach 35 percent

    use GPU-Z to real time checking

    hope it helps
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    XFX GTX280 XXX glouglou
    I had the same problem with ma xfx 280 but after 1 month of use.
    Finaly, i puted it under watercooling.

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