Help : How can I restore default clocks ? (display driver stopped responding)

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools' started by leon80, Jun 8, 2013.

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    GTX 660Ti
    Hello, using the ATT, in Overclocking settings I accidentally clicked the "Use Default Clocks".
    Since then as you can see in the image attached the gpu default clock has sticked @750 and if I try to use a 3d application (even the browser) the gpu hangs showing the infamous "display driver amd stopped responding and has successfully recovered" message.


    Right now I declocked the core using Amd Gpu Clock Tool so I can use os without entering safe mode but even with this if I use restore default clocks it reverts back to 750 and stays there with 0 activity.
    I've tried almost everything multiple times from uninstalling all ati and att sofware, sweep drivers, clean registry but I am stuck in an infinite loop.
    The moment I will install ati drivers again the only way to get the core pump to 750 in 3d is by enabling the amd overdrive/oc utility but then it hangs. If I dont then the clock keeps swapping in frequent intervals by itself between 500-750 with 0 load.

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