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Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by Mraz, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,

    I would require some assistance in regards to getting a laptop which I would use for college and gaming.

    Unfortunately I have never owned a laptop before so I have no experience in brand "quality" or who has better thermals or is more reliable than the other.

    Unfortunately I am forced to buy a laptop which will be mostly used for programming (python,Java,c++,etc.) but I would also like to play some video games such as CSGO, Witcher3, etc.

    Why do I say forced, well because I always had a desktop until now, and now I am forced to go mobile.

    I wouldn't like to waste my time in repasting things once I buy one, opening it or re-installing the OS, etc. So I am looking for something solid.

    Based on my research this so far is my top pick:

    Asus rog strix gl703gs

    Intel 6 core 12 threads (possible heating issues?)

    144hz screen for a good CSGO fragging sessions [​IMG]

    16gb Ram

    Gtx 1070(NOT max q version)

    1tb hdd

    256gb ssd

    The price for this laptop is €1900, well within budget.

    My budget is around max €2200(2700$), I am located in Ireland and unfortunately Amazon is pretty bad in terms of coverage for delivery.

    In terms of pricing please take into consideration that the equivalent in US dollar is not comparable exactly as most laptops here are more expensive than in the US anyway.

    I was also considering buying a good specd laptop with a 60hz screen and then getting a 144hz monitor?! <---opinions? So when I come home I can just attach it at the desk and game on that.

    I am pretty much stuck with 2-3 options such as,, and curry's pc world.

    The first and the last option are abysmal in terms of offers and quality, so basically I am down to the other two.

    Do you guys also think I should wait for a new line of laptops with RTX cards, or just go ahead and get one now.

    My college is about to start on 24th of September and I would need one laptop until then...
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    RTX is probably early next year. So do you have time to wait? That Asus is okayish, I'm a MSI guy, about the same price and performance. Those 6 core processors tend to run hottish needing a decent cooling. A good source for comparisons is .
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    RX 6800 RTX 2070
    i've had excellent results from MSI, the cooling and build quality is superior to the Asus...i know i've agonized over the same issues as you.
    the MSI has better cooling and is quieter, but all laptops with xx70/80 cards are going to make some noise during long gameplay sessions. so i definitely recommend a laptop stand with fans built in (at least 120mm x2) as this will make your rig nearly silent during those long sessions.

    a word of warning: whatever you buy, make sure your C: drive is an NVME M.2 in case you want to upgrade.
    if you do you'll need an external enclosure (NVME).
    going from a SATA (M.2 or SSD) to NVME is a major headache as your laptop will see the external device as an I-SCSI for which you'll need proprietary software (like Daemon tools I-SCSI extension) to clone your drive.

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