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Help and Advise for dead Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'Tablets and Smart Phones' started by fangzhou, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. fangzhou

    fangzhou Active Member

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    MSI GTX680
    So i have a dead S3, can't charge, can't turn it on even using different batteries. tried putting batteries in while charger is connected, still no good.

    I did some digging, some say it might be the power ic? dead memory chip or the charger port etc. So i read something about riff box and similar boxes, jtag, emmc box, jpin adapter.

    I really need to get the data stored inside the phone, so after my reading, since I don't know soldering nor have the tools

    Do i:-
    1) Try to power up using external power supply?
    2) or no1 + Get Riffbox and the jpin adapter (since no soldering tool)? Anyone have any experience on jpin adapters for s3?

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