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    Hiya peeps, FatherJack here just saying hello! <P>Start the ball rolin allready, some Q's for you to answer....<P>1) Have any of you modded you Voodoo2? I am thinking about getting some Arctic Silver Epoxy and placing Heatsinks on the 3 Main chips and some on the ram chips. I need to gte the MOST outs this old card till i get enough money to buy a HercMX.<P>2) Are any of you into case-modding, if so what sorta set-up have u got i your case? I have 1*120mm at front blowin in, 1*120mm at top sucking out and 1*80mm at back sucking out.<P>3) Do any of you know where i can get computer screws from (the type u screw fans into cases with. The BIG Self tapping ones) Bear in mind i live in UK !!!.<P>Well thats a few Q's for you to be gettign on with, ill post some pics an info of what ma comp is like, and after ma upgrade at chrimbo etc....<P>Thanx for any replies : FatherJack!
  2. Nice to see you to bud !<P>1) no .. but it definately can be done.<P>2) Check out our Case Modding guide !<P>3) Any hardwarestore has them ...<P>Cool, be sure to send in those images of your case-mod. I migth actually place them online !<P>Are there any other people who modded their PC Case ? Send in images please !!<P>------------------<BR>Hilbert Hagedoorn - Chief Editor<BR>- "Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else."
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    Have you o'clocked using the vdoo2 tweak programme?<P>Without xtra cooling I got 98 Mhz stable rather than standard 90. <P>

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