Health insurance just got canceled.

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    Every time you use a birth control method you are very likely denying someone a potential shot at existing. Furthermore, the male partner already made the decision when he donated his sperm into the female; exceptional cases not withstanding. The Male has no say thereafter; it's like saying someone who gave a blood donation wants his blood back or control of the blood in the recipient's body.

    And getting back to the point. Birth control is abnormal, condoms are abnormal. Having plain flesh-to-flesh sex is and has been the normal human state of sex through our species history. What you are asking is that I should be punished because I refused to have natural sexual relations, which I would define as cruel and unusual punishment.

    And yes, there are discomforts throughout pregnancy; there is no two ways around this. So why is anyone allowed to force discomfort on someone else when there is a legal and humane (to the sufferer) cure for it? What gives a fetus a "right" in the first place for existence?

    And you are 100% right, if I was a woman I might look at it differently. However, I would still be availed of the option of choosing whether to abort or not. What some people here are advocating is denying a choice to a woman on how she controls her own body (and its functions). Even Roe vs. Wade threaded this line.
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