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    I’ve recently started having problems with my Sound Blaster Z series card in that I cannot get sound through the headphone socket. I can swap the headphone and speaker jacks around and the phones work as they should, but not from their own Z card socket outlet.

    In the SB control panel, switching between headphones and speakers and using the test facility causes the test sound from the speakers no matter whether headphones or speakers are selected.

    Right clicking the speaker on the systray and selecting Playback Devices shows the headphones to be unplugged and the Z series speakers to be the default sound device. However, the headphones ARE plugged in, and into their proper Z sound card socket. Swapping the headphone jack into the speaker outlet and having the phones work properly proves there is no breaks in the cable.

    Double clicking the headphones to access Properties, the jack information only shows the front 3.5mm jack, with no options to change this to the Z series jack.

    Thinking there was a fault with the sound card, I swapped this over with a similar Z series card, but there was no change and the fault persisted.

    How do I get the system to recognize that headphones are plugged in to the Z series card.


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