HDMI weird issue.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NomadAssassin, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Just recently decided to get and try out HDMI instead of the old DVI connection on my gaming monitor BenQ RL2455HM. With DVI it was all fine no issues or whatever. I mostly wanted to hear how does the audio sounds with the integrated speakers (it's garbage).

    However. Since it's "gaming" monitor more or less it has this feature to fire up light inside of it in a more powerful manner in order not to see washed out picture when you first start it in the cold mornings and the picture is always bright. You know how most LCD pannels gotta heat up a bit to start looking maximum bright. When my BenQ does that is a single "POP" kinda loud sound once and it's all good to go nothing out of the oridinary.

    But now with the HDMI everytime picture switches from lets say desktop to some 3D application it make this sound plus constant low pitched buzzing noise. What's going on with that? I bought expensive Sony cable it's not some cheap Chinese thing.
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