HDMI LCD TV Black Screen-VGA Fine

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    I, first of all, my english is very very bad, i hope you understand me.

    I have a TV LCD(the manufacturer is local: NOBLEX) HD Ready, but receive a 1080p signal without problems.

    I use the DVI-HDMI Cable with spdif sound, and everything works well, I check the resolutions in nvidia control panel and all works, HDCP capable is OK. I Play: Residen Evil 5, SF IV, Crysis, Dirt 2, no problem, but when I run Red Faction Guerrilla, the screen of the LCD goes Black(the no signal mode is blue) then, after 2 mins of wait, Ctrl+alt+del, nothing happens...ok is freeze i think, reset the pc, and the black screen continues, even in the bios screen. so, i don't see nothing, but the pc is working well, I go to my monitor (Samsung 20' 1680x1050), take the VGA-VGA cable, and plug in to the TV, in PC mode works, but the image quality is really ugly(1280x720, reescaled to 570i and sharpness) and I check in the nvidia control panel, and detect the HDMI conection, sending signal, 1360x768 resolution, but the screen continues black, even i shut down the pc, and 10 min later tested and nothing.
    Any Solution Please :)

    PD: if need some explenation of any phrase ask me

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