HDMI Audio or Analogue - can't I have both?

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    Nvidia 8800GS 384MB
    I'm using the HDMI output on the integrated video at the moment (GF 8300). HDMI audio goes to an LCD TV, analogue connected to an ancient Dolby Surround receiver (no SP/DIF) - Vista makes me choose one as the Default, so that the other gets no input from the applications. I would like to shut off the receiver when I'm not watching video or playing games, which is most of the time, and just ... shut off the receiver!
    HDMI drivers are from NVidia, while the onboard analogue drivers are from Realtek. Is there any way of getting them both to output sound? Vista claims that the devices are "working", but the Realtek interface shows that the application soundstream is only associated with the Default device.
    Of course, a modern receiver with an HDMI pass-through would do it if I wanted to throw money at the problem, but what I have is enough if there is a workaround.

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