HDD and wear and tear on DVR

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    So i am curious on how much writes can be put on HDD before it start have error and or losing data, and what started this is I have hopper 3 serving 4 daily 3 4k joeys + hopper 3

    User 1 = 10 hour daily*
    User 2 = 13 hours daily*
    User 3 = 9 hours daily*
    User 4 = 7 hours daily*
    Total hours daily = 39*

    Now the hopper 3 has 1 hour buffer per user reset when channel is changed or override when on same channel for more then hour.

    Lets assume it about 2/2.5 gb per hour of recording/writing to drive thats 39x2=78 GB or 39x2.5=97.5 GB a day ADD about about 10+ GB as there is usual 5 to 10 hour long recording a day if not more, that 27 TB or 34 TB from buffering alone in year or 30 TB or 37TB year including daily buffer and recording of writes to HDD. Even my oldest and longest used HDD in my PC's dont have the kind writing done to them.

    This is all proving my math is correct. Realistically how long should one expect said HDD to go before it start to fail and take all the recording with it does?

    Before I had Hopper 3 I had 2 Hoppers with sling with and 2 joeys And majority of timers and recording which mean the writes where on Hopper with sling I didnt use, and that Hoppers with sling HDD failed pretty much once year.
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    When it comes to HDDs, the failure rates are mostly influenced by total power-on hours. Amount of reads/writes or effective user hours are not really the issue - even if you have 39 "effective" hours of use in a 24 hour period, its still just 24 hours of wear if the drive is online the whole day.

    These guys report on their HDD failure rates to at least give you an idea of what you can expect between the different manufacturers:


    If you're looking for longevity, it would be wise to invest in server-grade HDDs.

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