Hda and error 43 go hand in hand when I try to virtualize windows 10 with bhyve on FreeBSD

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by ziomario, Nov 20, 2021.

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    RTX 2080 ti

    We are a team composed of 2 hypervisor programmers,one system administrator and one nvidia developer and we are working together to improve the bhyve hypervisor for freebsd. We have been able to enable the passthrough for the most powerful nVidia graphic cards within Linux as guest os and now we are trying to do the same thing for Windows 10-11. What I'm trying to do now is to gather more informations about the reasons why we get the error 43 when we try to pass thru the RTX 2080 ti graphic card from Freebsd to a Windows 10/11 vm. We are interested to understand why it works like a charm on Linux if Windows is emulated with qemu and kvm and why it does not work if we emulate it with bhyve on FreeBSD. What qemu-kvm have and what bhyve does not have ? We have realized that inside bhyve the error 43 goes hand in hand with the exclamation point on the audio device that it is always present on the windows 10 vm emulated with bhyve but it is never present if it is emulated with qemu-kvm. I suspect that the error 43 is also produced or co-produced by the same reasons that don’t make work the audio device. what do u think about this ? Do you know about some kind of component that there is inside the code of the nvidia driver and that qemu and kvm have and that is able to make the audio device work and that bhyve does not have and this can produce the breaking of the audio device inside the bhyve vms ? thanks.

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