HD5650 Mobility + Intel Switchable Graphics + Windows 8.1?!

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    GTX 970 @ 1500 MHz
    hey guys,
    i consider about installing windows 8.1 onto my Acer 3820TG.

    but when i google for that i found several people that have problems with getting the switchable to work..

    does anybody know a way to get the switchable working 100% on win8?

    if no i stick with win 7.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6550M
    Working fine with me on my 3820tg though i have a 6550M.

    Just used the latest drivers provided by LeeKM.

    Only tradeoff so far is that I am unable to use standby as by doing so the ATI driver on the laptop screen result in the backlight not working anymore (Intel on the other hand works fine) and furthermore using the ATI graphics the brigthnes cannot be adjustet.
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    Hi, if you still need help, here is how I made the divers work on my 3820tg with windows 8.1 update 1. It's a little bit complicated, but everything seems to work fine (standby, brightness and everything else works. I don't know about game performance though... it's been a long time since I last played a game on my lappy...)

    What you need:

    - amd cleanup utility
    - leshcat drivers "Catalyst 12.3 Pre-WHQL UnifL"
    - lots of patience ant time

    how to proceed:

    - run the Catalyst 12.3 Pre-WHQL UnifL.exe and extract the files somewhere (but DO NOT run the Catalyst installer now)
    - make sure you have .NET 3 and later and the chipset driver installed (can't remember if it's mandatory... but it won't do any arm anyway)
    - activate test mode by opening a cmd window as administrator and typing "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON"
    - run the cleanup utility
    - reboot
    - using the catalyst installer, install everything apart from the display driver itself
    - open device manager and update driver for both gpu from windows update
    - reboot into "disable driver signature enforcement" mode. search on google for how to do it.
    - open device manager, update driver for intel gpu and select "browse my pc for drivers -> let me pick ... -> have disk. navigate to the folder where you extracted the contents at the beginning and look for the .inf file. once found, select it and let install. (if it doesn't work, try navigating to the file in explorer, right click -> install and then try again). do not reboot yet.
    - do the same thing for the AMD gpu
    - once finished, reboot the pc and hope it worked
    - if it worked, BACKUP YOUR PC or at least create a restore point.

    that's how I got it working on my 3820tg. Only downside is the "test mode" watermark on the low right corner of the desktop...

    hope it will work for you too! good luck

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