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    OK. I have an older 4870 which is by Gigabyte and it runs stock at 750 Core 900 mem. Now, I keep reading about people BIOS flashing their cards so that there's no need to do the overclocking it just stays at flashed speeds. This interests me alot because I want to flash it to a 4890! Now what I need to know is what software is there available and what are core 4890 speeds compared to 4870's. Also for a 4870 is it even possible. The stories I have read only involved the newer 58XX cards.
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    Well, you can do it if you want. You need the following utilities:

    01. MSI Afterburner (to overclock).
    02. ATI Flash for dos (to flash your card in dos mode)
    03. GPU-Z (To extract your card bios).
    04. some 3d benchmark to test overclock settings.
    05. RADEON BIOS Editor.

    Basically, you need to overclock your card little by little with msi afterburner and test with 3d benchmark software (like 3dmark or crysis game) for extended time (30 min or so). Once you find out the max your card can support for core and memory, then extract the bios with GPU-Z, run radeon bios editor to open the bios file, then change the clock settings slightly lower than the maximum ur card can go, then save a copy of the bios and then you need to have all this bios files and atiflash in a dos bootable cd or something and then boot from cd, and then flash it.

    Its easy to describe, but it is more complicated, and if you don't know what you are doing, it can ruin for card for good. So be careful.

    Default 4890 speed is 850 Core, 3900MHz memory.

    I told you what I know. I flash the bios in the same way, but don't hold me responsible if anything goes wrong.
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    i would check to see if your card can handle 4890 speeds before you go flashing the bios. to achieve those speeds on a 4870 would almost certainly require higher gpu voltage unless you are incredibly lucky and have a great oc'ing card.

    find out what your highest stable clocks are and edit the bios to reflect those settings and flash away.

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