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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Voodoo FAN, Aug 1, 2000.

  1. Voodoo FAN

    Voodoo FAN Guest

    I have a Quantum Fireball lct, and it is really hot, i tried to cool it down by opening the case, i put it on a 5 q/4 bay, so there more air around, but is still hot as hell.<BR>please tell me if these is normal or a have a situation here.
  2. TarKuS

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    I would do this... <P>I have the KingKong H/D cooler and man does it ever cool that sucker down.. you have to use the open bay to slide the drive cooler into.. but its worth the money. Have 3 fans blowing on it directly...n will save your H/D in the long run.<P>And I believe there is a newer KingKong H/D Cooler out there now. I only paid around $35.00 for mine.. might have been cheaper but cant recall at this moment.<P><BR>hope that helps <P>TarKuS

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