HD 7xxx drivers for flicker/BSOD fix

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by vejn, Sep 10, 2012.

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    PNY EPIC-X RTX 4090
    I have no flickering at all in any of my games with my OC....

    Not sure, but this could be a hardware compatibility issue, or just as others mentioned, bad voltage regulation.
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    Made a CCC profile for black ops, forcing 2xSSAA, AFx16 and vsync, played for 15-20 min and did not see a single flicker. Changed SSAA to Transperancy AA and saw some flickers after a few minutes.
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    nothing is ever 100% sure for anything that involves humans making drivers & humans making voltage decisions :nerd:

    gamer cards arent accurate (error correction etc), they are made for speed along with drivers that add some more optimizations

    i sometimes have partial black flickers in trackmania2, possibly very few other games but i'm not sure
  4. vejn

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    Does MBO Asrock H77 have good voltage ragulation for GPU?

  5. Falkentyne

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    Sapphire HD 7970 Ghz Ed.
    Was I REFERRING to your post? No.
    I'm referring to the THREAD STARTER. Did you bother to look at his videos? The 2nd and third show that "black L shaped flicker" patter that I and MANY others are talking about. Not just you. This thread doesn't revolve around you, mister.

    If you're talking about another problem, then oh well. I'm talking about the random black flickering that pretty much EVERY single 7x00 has in COD Black Ops (and a host of other games).

    But I remember you---you trolled me in a previous thread, and seem to have a personal vendetta against me. Nvm, I'm just going to put you on my ignore list and move on with my life.
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    Sapphire HD 7970 Ghz Ed.
    Yeah, that test.
    I'm wondering if somehow this is related. Of course, I'm sure no one except AMD would know for sure.

    BTW, I forgot to add something above;
    There are *zero* flickers of anything in Battlefield 3.
    Zero in COD4.

    But COD Black Ops: Yep (relatively often in 12.8; 12.5 is much rarer).
    Serious Sam: BFE? Yep (didn't test 12.5).
    Haven't played The Witcher 2 yet.
    Path of Exile? Yep (not common, though).
    Super SF4 AE? Very rare, but I did notice it occasionally, but not during a match (i saw a brief one during char selection).
    Aika Online (Windows XP)? No flickers.
    Sacred 2 (Windows 7): No flickers, but application sometimes just hangs.
    Sacred 2 (Windows XP): horrible flickering, bad texture corruption/glows, and the game either randomly vpu recovers, or the application freezes (and unfreezes, oddly enough, when you alt tab)
    League of Legends? No flickers.
    CS Global Offensive? Don't recall there being any flickers.
  7. acereborn

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    I'm on episode/chapter 2 of that game and I have not seen a single flicker yet.
  8. perosmct

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    2 7xxx cards here full oc'ed by ccc not a single problem...smooth as butter...
  9. shankly1985

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    Then that means everything working good on your OC :) That game is very demanding with all the lighting etc.
    Its the only game that showed my OC was bad and I adjusted it around that game has a benchmark for my OC.
  10. acereborn

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  11. waleed.z11

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    i have similer problem ... i tried skyrim using 7730m ... i get flickering problem at the mail menu , and after while i get display driver crash ... and some times BSOD ...

    now i play the game in low setting using intel GPU "cry"
    also tried darksiders 2 ... same problem

    even firefox crash if i run it using high performance " 7730m GPU "
  12. vejn

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    Does everyone of you have W7 SP1?
    I it possible that this does the problem ?
  13. erocker

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    What problem? With flickering? I don't get this flickering. I don't get it 100%. Buy with confidence! ...I guess.
  14. ClockClocker

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    970 gtx

    I think we should make a list of games and send it to AMD.

    No one can tell me that it's a hardware/overclocking issue Because i replaced my card twice and tested all 3Cards in 2 different Systems.
    ALL have that Issue. It happens rarly and not in every game but still it happens sometimes (i even tried underclocking the card pretty far).

    I noticed that issue in Starcraft 2 for the first time and i found that video
    about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGnb9t8FHo8

    After i spamed AMD about this issue in Starcraft 2 it seems to befixed/better *knocking on wood* But i can't tell what exactly "fixed" it Starcraft Patches or the newest drivers.
    I also noticed the Issue in Quantum Conondrum and Portal 2. It's hard to tell AMD when and how it happens because it happens so randomly.

    I think some of the Videos in the first post doesn't show "the flickering" we're talking about i think some of the cards are just broken. Every flickering i noticed on the cards i tested was "black" and looked exactly the same way in all this games. Also it seems to happen mostly with games which are not "supernew". Very old and very new games doens't seem to have that issue.
    Also people may overlook this problem because it happens soooo rarly and only for a split second that you barly notice it.
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  15. acereborn

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    COD:Black ops and Heroes 6 has black flickers.
    Skyrim has both black and white flickers.
    Witcher 2 has no flicker with 12.6, but flickers with 12.8.

  16. LBJM

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    +1 drivers... I have the same problem with world of tanks ( and it does it a lot but not as much with older drivers) with drivers 12.4 and up... at stock or OCed.. I don't see it in any of the Alan wake games or opengl games I play. Keep in mind I'm running a xeon system that is not overclocked... I'm wondering if the driver issue exists only on intel pci-express 3.0 motherboards and AMD 7xxxx?
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  17. Scyphe

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    After getting severe flickering with the latest 9.0 drivers (on my 7950) I cleaned out the drivers and installed 12.8 and 12.8 CAP2. Flickering gone.

    I think it's actually an issue of Drivers/VRAM/Powerstates.
  18. vejn

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    So, will this be fixed. I'm soon planning to buy Sapp 7850 1GB.
    This problems give me doughts.
  19. Falkentyne

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    Sapphire HD 7970 Ghz Ed.
    Has anyone had any flickers of any sort in Battlefield 3?
    I find it sort of funny that COD Black Ops has this black flicker, BF3 doesn't, and COD4 doesn't.

    Also, I think none of you tested what I asked you to test, either.
    Ifi you have 2 sets of drivers, one which causes very little to almost no flicker in a game (April 18, etc) and another which causes it often (12.8), did you test to see if the 12.8 loads the maps/levels 2-3x faster (assuming cached in memory already) than the "good" driver? (as I did in Black Ops)?

    And once again, I'll say it for a third time.
    You do NOT have to uninstall drivers to test it. Just start the driver setup then cancel it, then use the EXPAND command in the command prompt to expand the files (like atidxx32.dl_), that are located in the w7_inf or W8_inf, etc...

    Just copy the files into the game folder where the EXE for the game is loaded for the level (this is tricky for something like League of legends, which use a different EXE for the client and the actual ingame, but LoL is NOT affected--the person with the League problems in the video either had a defective card, or had a VPU recover happen before playing).


    Those files in the game's executable folder will give you the d3d version for the particular driver you want to test, while still keeping CCC working. Works for ghz cards too, going back before the cards were released, but not sure how far back (12.5 beta works).
  20. sykozis

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    Asus RX6700XT
    It does NOT affect all HD7K users.... I'm in the same position as Pill. I only experience issues if I push my card too far. Otherwise, I experience zero issues.

    GPU voltage regulation has nothing to do with the motherboard. The voltage regulators for the graphics card, are on the graphics card.

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