HD 6670 low FPS on GTA IV :(

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by presha, Aug 10, 2011.

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    ATI hd 6670 1gb
    Hi everyone first post!

    Im having some problems with GTA IV. From what ive been reading i know the game is poorly optomized.

    My prob is ive just installed it on the PC, i wanted to play it with some of the MODS, ive compleated it on the PS3.

    Im playing on my 32 in HDTV.

    MY SPEC:

    e6550 3.22
    HD 6670 1gb
    380w psu
    2gm ram (sorry dont know speed)

    (i may have it installed on an older HD in my PC that i moved from an old pc)

    With these specs i get 30- 40 fps crysis 2 on medium settings, 20 - 30 on high.

    An pretty much full settings ( or at least high )on anything else ive played recently.

    But at 1080 on GTA iv im getting about 10 FPS????

    dropped down to 1680 x something ( I Think or similar) and got around 15 FPS???

    Help please

    P.S New drivers installed
  2. killerxr290

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    Sounds about right.

    You need to lower the games graphics settings.

    Your card and cpu is not that good and GTA4 is one holy unoptimized crappy port.

    Even i only get 50 ish fps on max @ 1920*1080 and ive got a 6870
  3. Rochin

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    EVGA GTX460 EE 1GB
    Having a dual core and just 2 GB of ram is no good for GTA4. As stated above you are getting about expected FPS. Game runs pretty good for me with my rig, not sure what fps I get as I have not played it in over a year.

    Edit: Having any mods installed at all will also effect performance. The 2GB of ram is killing you in this game, even worse with mods.
  4. Marco Borsato

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    GTX 980 Ti (1450/4000)
    50+ Fps is pretty good in this game imo, I'm averaging at about 45+ fps with 2 HD 6950's (I know it doesn't utilize crossfire properly) while my old GTX 285 could push 70+ fps in this game with pretty nice settings. :( But indeed he needs at least 4+ GB's of ram and a decent Quad core CPU to run this game decently. It's a very bad port, even after so many patches the game still has many problems that won't get fixed because Rockstar doesn't really seem to care about PC gamers.

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