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    It is awesome to see GTA:SA being talked about right now as it is the game I was trying to fix. I don't know what bleeding is, because I was focused on the flickering. The ambient occlusion turns itself on/off. When it toggles off it completely disables on many surfaces, and other surfaces may still have ambient occlusion but much less strength or different look.

    I believe ambient occlusion may be impossible in GTA:SA. I would like the help of a professional.

    For Insertion bit 1 I tried 10 to F0. The results varied. Crashing. Lagging with or without visible AO. Better fps.
    00 disabled AO I assumed this is the expected result so I used 10 as a base as it had no issues.
    20 lagged.
    90 had better fps
    A0 had betters fps.
    Because VP1 had better performance than VP2 I naturally decided to use transposed vp1 over transposed vp2.

    I then tried 90,91,92,94,98,9E
    The only bit that had any effect at all was 91 which resulted in no AO. I then tried 9E to enable everything other than the thing that would cause a crash. No effect either.
    I decided to leave this bit as 0 as it had no desired effects.

    My resulting bit1 was 90 for performance, because why not?
    For insertion bit 2 i tried (00, 10, 20, 40, 80, B0) 40 caused a crash and something was causing a small copy of just AO to be seen in the top left corner of the screen. 00 Resulted in no AO I assume this is expected.
    Because this bit had no desired effect I decided to leave it 0.... (until later i realized i couldn't get AO without it)
    I then tried (01, 02, 04, 08)
    They all resulted in no AO
    I then tried (11, 12, 14, 18)
    No desired effects.

    My resulting bit2 was 10, all my testing did not fix the flickering so I just disabled as much as possible.
    for insertion bit 3 matched with masking bit 3, and insertion bit 4 with masking bit 4.
    I tried all logical possibilities like before for absolutely no change to anything, ever. LOL
    B3 tests were (00 01 02 04 08 10 20 40 80)
    B4 tests were (00 01 02 04 08 10 20 0f 3f)
    I then played a bunch with the parameter bits but it seems these only effect how the ambient occlusion look. What had the biggest impact was the angle bias. I tried 0 to A. I believe 0 to 5 are the only ones that have an effect. I forgot if it was 0 or 1 that had the best effect. Almost seems nvidia would have to make a new angle bias bit to fix GTA:SA possibly? What is angle bias anyways. Seems like it should only effect how it looks like the rest of the parameter bits.

    I put in about 5 hours of brute-force testing as it was the only option I had with such a lack of information. The OP guide doesn't explain anything in detail. This is a total of 53 different modes trying to get rid of the flickering to no avail. PLEASE HELP.
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    Hey there!

    League of Legends

    So, after MrBonk has found the proper flag for SGSSAA for LoL I've tested few HBAO+ flags to find will they even work on no and found that the 0x0000002D (MechWarrior Online) flag is working and applies a very strong HBAO effect without any issues (and looks fantastically beautiful if combined with SGSSAA).

    No flag enabled

    Some screenshots with flag enabled
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Has there been any comparison between the Borderlands Pre-Sequel Remastered SSAO and posted HBAO flags? The Remastered version is supposed to have SSAO improvements, but appears to look rather flat...

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