Having graphical issues in MHW .... hoping someone can help (nvidia card)

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    wondering whats causing graphic distortions such as this....
    this is the most major area where it happens, but i also get it (always) in front of the workshop area looking of the edge of the stairs as well (but in that case its a black checkered dotted distortion instead of red..
    i recently bought a new tv, as well as upgraded windows to 1809. (the fall update that was just rereleased).... i have tried various nvidia drivers trying to fix the issue but none have helped.... this issue seems to have appeared overnight and im at a loss... hopefully someone can help

    It only happens in Monster hunter world as far as i know... started recently.... temps are normal

    gtx 1070 non overclocked
    i7 6790k at 4ghz
    16 gigs of ram
    windows 10 fall update (that was just released)
    latest nvidia driver, although ive tried about 4-5 over the past year issue persists

    bug appeared overnight after restarting my pc

    also have a new 4k tv that i game on (although in 1440p resolution)... issue persists no matter what resolution i game on

    bug is most noticeable near the fire pit which is why i recorded this area.... also happens at town with black pixels but far less noticeable (bug appears at around 45 seconds into the video)

    Video below
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    If you're referring to the area at the bottom of the screen in the area with the Lavasioth, that's not a bug. It's also not new - the PC version has done that since launch, and I'd wager the console versions have as well (though I can't confirm that as I don't own them).

    MHW uses a shader effect to stipple the anything that's not fixed scenery if it gets too close to the viewing plane to prevent it from obstructing your view (or just rendering weirdly). This is in preference to making them transparent as it requires less computational effort - mainly that there is no alpha sorting required and less overdraw. For the most part this is just scene dressing and monsters, and you can see it quite easily by finding certain areas and just rotating the camera to watch objects appear and disappear as they get close to the screen (try the mugs on the counter in the Gathering Hub by the quest lady). But Lavasioth's area there is an exception in that the entire raised portion of the floor where you actually walk is affected by it, which is why it's so much more pronounced there.

    I believe there's an in-game setting which adjusts the quality of the stippling. I don't recall which setting it is exactly, but it's one of the ones which doesn't really make any sense as to what it actually does (I want to say it's "SH diffuse" but could be mistaken).
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    The dithering? That's probably just how the game is set up a bit too aggressively since it's so close to the edge of frustum.
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    and you haven't seen what happens with the 21:9 patch
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