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Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by koniu, Mar 13, 2016.

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    ASUS TUF 3070 OC
    I am new owner of Haswell i5. As this is non-k version oc is not option.
    So i decide to go opposite and make CPU to run as cool as passable and as bonus effecting noise from CPU cooler.

    But first i change few CPU settings in UEFI forcing it to run full turbo 3.7GHz instead of 3.5Ghz on all 4 cores when under load. I using aftermarket cooler Silentiumpc Fortis HE1225

    To stress CPU i am using OCCT with AVX on
    So far i change only VCORE down to 1.055V from stock 1.12V(MB auto)
    It dont change idle temps - ~32C (!ambient temp ~23C)
    But it change Max temps from 67C to 59C after 1h stress test
    Temps during longer gaming sessions look even better. They are ~53C

    Can i go lower with voltages, how low can i go, does changing others voltages will have effect? Is this is worth trying to go lower or effect will be minimal??
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    You can lower voltages but it also decrease stability
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    GTX 1070 - WC
    set the uncore ratio at 35 or lower. that setting increase stability, reduce the vcore needed when overclocking and has a minimal effect on the CPU performance.

    My CPU only need 1.157 to do 4.5ghz with the uncore ratio at 35.

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