Has 10bpc SDR playback been fixed yet?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Ormy, Jun 22, 2022 at 3:34 PM.

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    See my original post on this issue: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/n...wnload-discussion.441442/page-25#post-5989011

    3080Ti, MPC-HC, LAV filters, MadVR, SVP (all fully up to date) playing 10bpc SDR video content. Works fine under 497.27, when I upgraded to 511.23 it broke (10bpc not correctly passed, only getting 8bpc output), so I went back to 497.27 which I've been happily using ever since.

    However now some of my games are kicking up a fuss about out of date drivers each time I load the game, annoying. I'd like to update my drivers but only if the 10bpc issue is fixed. Anyone know?

    @janos666 you had the same issue as me in that original thread. Have more recent drivers fixed it do you know? Or have you found another fix?
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    I dunno but I never had any issues with 10 bit SDR video playback with madVR on any of the recent drivers.

    There's what seems to be a bunch of madVR bugs in Win11 due to which it sometimes output to 8 bit surface on some displays despite both video and display being 10 bit but these don't seem to be related to any driver version.
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    I've never had 10bit SDR issues using MPV + Shaders.

    I stopped using MPC + MadVR around 2018 and switched to MPV + Shaders
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    did you installed the madvr beta ?? i've a problem with that problem on windows 11. when downgrading to madVR 0.92.17 then everything is fine, make sure restart your pc and restore madvr to the default.

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    Curious, what kind of native 10-bit SDR content are you trying to view?
    Other than 10-bit encodes of 8-bit sources like Anime and perhaps the odd self encoded 10-bit SDR tonemapped HDR video from your own UHD rips (Or rather the naughty alternative) I am struggling to find the legitimate use case for this playback scenario.
    If it's the former, MadVR's dithering to 8-bit output is so good that I can't be bothered to care because the primary problem is solved in the source file. If it's the later, MadVR's tone mapping for HDR>SDR is also, so good I can't be bothered to see much use taking the time to re-encode that video and tone map it properly to SDR. But that's contingent on whether you have those copies long term or not. I usually rip my UHD discs as-is when I actually want to watch them. So i'll temporarily put it on the SMB share if I want to watch it on the network or just leave it locally to watch with MadVR's tone mapping on that PC. So If you trying to save space and keep your entire library on a NAS I guess that makes sense.
    Help me out here lol.

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