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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TwL, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Wondering does such thing exist ?

    a software which works at driver level recording to log file every single hardware query done by operating system or any of it's drivers or software.

    purpose would be that this kinda tool would be extemely useful for troubleshoot bad/bad behaving hardware.
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    I dont think it would be possible without some major work.
    Most hardware access triggers or is triggered by an interrupt, so trapping interrupts and running your monitoring code would be the simplest method.
    But there are SO MANY interrupts, that logging of these would cause a big slow down and would itself trigger many interrupts and will change the state of the processor, system stack, memory etc, some of these will need to be restored before each exit.
    Due to the extra processing required by the inserted code, other time critical processes running within the system will timeout if they are not serviced in good time, causing crashes.

    Some hardware access doesnt need an interrupt, so this would be harder to track.
    There are also software interrupts.

    If you are inserting new code, you may need to trick the system by slowing the system clock by the number of cycles it takes to execute your code.
    Any deviation from expected time frames can trigger other actions, which you dont want.
    But changing the clock constantly might cause problems running your monitoring code.

    The above is changing one clock on one bit of hardware, other clocks running at full speed on other attached hardware will cause timeouts as well unless they are also addressed.

    My understanding on this is generic, I dont have specific information on other problems you will encounter.

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