Hardware manufacturers removing game branding from AMD products?

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Yeah, I think it's silly to think that branding doesn't matter. People tend to stick with what they know, and if they've had a good experience with a certain brand or company then they'll usually go with them again in the future (and if they have a negative experience then they tend to stay away). I remember being stung by a few dud products in the past and was wary of buying from them again, and even today I largely stick to EVGA for my Nvidia cards and MSI for my AMD cards and mobo. In particular, once you establish an elite gaming brand like ROG, it matters greatly.

    I also agree that Nvidia is abusing their market position with the GPP. Any OEM who doesn't sign up to the GPP is putting themselves at a big disadvantage and potentially killing their golden goose. Although Nvidia says it's completely optional, the reality is anything but (and they know it). The very fact that Nvidia wants to influence or control the branding by OEMs is disturbing in itself.
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    We may not know until some time passes exactly what the effects GPP will be. There are still stocks of AMD cards with ROG/Gaming etc.... versions to be sold. Most likely under contracts. But there are changes being made that we can see going on now. Branding, especially established well known MSI/ASUS/GiG... brands are are a big deal to general buyers.
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    Of course they'll be fine, this doesn't affect them, as these are gaming card brands.

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