Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling - what is the trick to get this?

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    @fry178 @Astyanax In some of Digital Foundry's GPU tests for the RTX Super line other than the 2080 Ti, they found that even at 1440p some stutter resulting from CPU limits still occurred in a variety of modern games (even ones that scale across multiple threads and on an 8700K iirc -- obviously this was worse at 1080p though). Only at 4K were they basically no longer running into CPU limits though to my recollection Kingdom Come Deliverance was still a mess pretty much in all test cases.

    I have a 3900X with a 2080S playing at 1440p and depending on the game, though "most of the time" i'm GPU limited, it still happens that I get CPU limited stuttering in some current gen games.
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    Sure, but its neither "common for ppl to own say 2070S to play at 720p (outside some online/pvp), nor is everyone playing the same game as Astyanax is assuming (by naming one specific game), and its" sometimes" not "always".
    And i mean that in regards to the whole planet, as +60% are doing 1080p on something at/below 960/1060 etc, thus are, yes, gpu bound...
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    You hit cpu limits regardless of resolution, it doesn't matter how new your stuff is, there are numerous cases where only faster clocks make a difference and those have limitations based in physics.

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