Hard pagefault resolution time & high hardpagefaults

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Sperks, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Heya guys, I'm using windows 10 with 850 samsung evo 250gb and I have a problem (not really but I dislike the numbers). I'm really wondering what the f* is up with my laptop. Here I am with 8gb ram, very fast ssd, i3-4000m all the latest drivers, no AVs except defender, no big programs taking up anything 20% memory on idle...but those damn hard pagefaults are making me angry, EVEN if i Disable the ****ing pagefile, latencymon still shows same retardedly big numbers...PLease help me fix this, I'm up for downgrading to win 8.1 if it will make everything normal. I'm using intel rapid storage drivers( just drivers no ui) http://imgur.com/aTIJC5W halp me plz
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    pagefaults happen when data is pulled from the hdd/sdd high those numbers are also normal, nor would disabling pagefiles fix it. ignore it less it start say your system has issue with realtime audio, in which case would be do to driver us times and not the pagefualts except in rare cases,

    HDD are no were as fast as ram neither is SSD for that mater. those pagefaults will always happen.
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