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  1. I was in my local mall wasting time while my mom was trying on clothes. I went into Electronics Boutique to check on prices. I noticed Half-Life: Game of Year for $20 (better than $30). I saw Counter-Strike for $30. I asked one of the people working there what is the difference between the two. Was Counter-Strike an addon to Half-Life?<br>
    He told me that Half-Life was a single-player or multi-player game. He said that Counter-Strike was not an addon to Half-Life, but was a separate entity and I don't need Half-Life to play Counter-Strike. He also said Counter-Strike was a multiplayer game. But I forgot to ask him if I could play Counter-Strike as a single-player game or practice against bots. So, my question is: can I?<br>
  2. Hi,<br>
    yes you can (at least practice against bots ) !<br>
    For HL or it's Mods like CS are many bots aviable !<br>
    I like the <A HREF="http://www.nuclearbox.com/podbot/downloads.shtml" TARGET=_blank>Pod Bot</A> ,- its really cool !<br>
    Also you can do the little tutorial for learning the basics.<br>
    For the buyable CS Version HL isn't needed thats right<br><br><i>This message was edited by CaptainStarMac on 05 Aug 2001 09:12 AM</i>
  3. Oh -<br>
    but you do not have to buy CS,<br>
    its also aviable as a free dl !<br>
    ( jepp as Bugsy said for the dl Version HL is needed !!! )<br>
    Without the introducing voice and the training levels.<br>
    <br><br><i>This message was edited by CaptainStarMac on 05 Aug 2001 09:15 AM</i>
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    If you have dsl or cable internet, just get half life, you can download the CS mod and many others for it.

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