Guys does using NVENC encoder use alotof GPU/VRAM?

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    2070 Super
    I am on a (ironically) never ending Quest to get my loved Oculus Quest working well and I hit wall after wall! I havea 9700k 2070 super fast SSD 32 GB Ram i throw everything at it I can think of(all cores at 4.7 ghz-2070 super overclocked at 2.1 ghz and 8 on VRAM) and still can't run Asgards Wrath on high smooth for example no matter what! It has to use NVENC encoder to send h.264/HEVC connection over link or wireless and that fluctuates around 17-25% in task manager under encoding and I see 1.5 GB of VRAM disappear as well when i start so with 8 I am almost always at near max use in all the high end games so am I perhaps missing the fact that the Overhead from Oculus Link or Wireless is mich higher than I think? I have no problems running anything flat at 4k60 usually so idk? Thanks for anyone with wisdom to share! I have spent so much time working on this ha
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    Not really not like a heavy AAA game would. VRAM is used but actual RAM and a SSD is the main factor here along with GPU specs and power, but usually a 1060 and above will get job done nicely and much faster then a CPU would. About 4x faster give or take depending on system.

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