GTX 670 graphical corruption and crashing

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    Hi, I recently got given a second hand MSI GTX 670 Power Edition graphics card. It supposedly used to work fine a few months ago; however, in my computer, it crashes within a few minutes of loading any game on it (Crysis, Skyrim I've tried so far). It starts with graphical corruption, which quickly turns into a hard crash of the system.

    I have enough power for the card (700W, both cables plugged in, both straight from PSU not molex adaptor), and am not overclocking anything (i5 3570k, 8gb ddr3 ram). The computer works fine with my old 8800gt, so pretty sure it's this gtx 670 card.

    Is this most likely to be overheating? My case has good airflow and nothing else gets hot; also the cooler for the GPU appears to be free of dust and properly attached. What would you recommend for troubleshooting/stress testing? I may try reseating the cooler and applying some thermal paste. I launched Furmark on the card, which it seemed fine with, and it only got up to 73 degrees C over a half hour period. I haven't looked in to stress testing software for years, and would welcome any input.


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