GTX 470M tweaks and overclock

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    GTX 1070 Laptop
    hello, i think there is not a lot of users with this card and it's almost impossible to find any good tweaks for them. i decided to share my experience with this card
    and here we go :D

    as usual i started looking around old well known website for such tweaks. didn't find anything.

    then i decided to write on and applied my bios
    after a while i got the answer with tweaked and raised core voltage from ,94 to .99 it's not a lot but since it's Notebook card it was more than enough
    you can get the tweaked bios from
    next step was finding the maximum stable clock :p
    i managed to get 770/1540/1750 (core/shader/memory) original (535/1070/1250)

    here is some vantage scores :
    GPU @ 740
    Shader @1480
    MEM @ 1750
    after some tweaks thanks to
    3D Vantage :p13017 (physx Disabled)
    GPU score : 11989

    GPU @ 770
    Shader @ 1540
    MEM @ 1700
    3D Vantage :p14906 (physx enabled)
    GPU score : 12269

    Laptop System Specifications:
    - mySN XMG P701 Pro Gaming Notebook
    - Intel Core i7 2630QM 2.00GHz Processor
    - 2x 4GB So-Dimm DDR3 1333MHz Memory
    - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470M 1536MB Card
    - Crucial RealSSD 64GB C300 Solid State
    - Seagate Momentum 500GB 7200.4 Hard Disk
    - Full HD Glare 17.3inch LED Backlight

    you can get this bios

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