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    I have to GTX 470's that I would be interested in to use for computing, does anyone know of a cheap setup where I can use these cards on, I just have one computer computer case that I use as my main desktop. I am sord of looking for a case that doesn't take to much space.
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    GPU folding requires lots of CPU power.
    I think you'll need at least quad core CPU to supply enough backup for this cards.

    I did folding on 6870 + 5770. CPU (2500k) was 40% - 70% loaded @ stocks just to feed those cards.

    Go for mid-low quad core Ivy Bridge CPU, 3450 should give enough power, while not consuming much electricity.

    MoBo - Cheap asus/gigabyte/asrock motherboard with 2 pci-e slots should be enough.

    Memory - 2GB mem will do.

    PSU - cosidering 470sli could consume 740W on max load (source) I'd recommend getting at least solid 850W PSU. Folding won't probably consume that much, however if you want to be save, go for 1000W.

    HDD - anything will do. Read/write speed doesn't matter (in my exp at least).

    Case - you need to keep in mind to have it well ventilated. Dual 470 @ max load (24/7 ?) will keep you warm during winter. Corsair released some nice cases lately, they are affordable and could be set to give very good air flow.

    Also, don't forget electricity bill. If you set 24/7 470 sli, your payment might be doubled if not tripled.
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    sverek the nvidia client is quiet efficient when it come to cpu usage some times for me it only about 1% or less so a pure folding rig would only need an old dual core even of the core2 jen, you will need a board with at least 2 pic-e slot but they don't need to be x16 they could be x8 or x4

    and some old ddr2/3 ram no need to be more than 4GB

    are you planning for this computer to do anything apart from folding Eternally?

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