GTX 1600 dual screen issue

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    Hi Everyone

    Hoping you can help me as I am going slightly insane!!

    I have a fairly basic PC that I use for video editing, 3d design and watching youtube

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
    GTX 1660 (6GB)
    24GB Ram
    2 x SSD + 1 x HDD

    The computer is connected to a Dell U2422HE monitor via Display Port and then the second screen is connected to the Dell screen via another Display Port cable (Daisy Chained). The U2422HE has a built in dock and supports multiple inputs.

    If the screens are connected to my laptop via USB-C, everything works fine.

    If my PC is connected, i get terrible stuttering from the mouse and i also get frame drops in Youtube

    After replacing every cable and pulling everything out so only the DP cable and power was connected, the same thing happened.

    I had a look in the Nvidia control panel and found that the monitors had all the same settings EXCEPT the Scaling. One had "none" and one had "aspect ratio". I set them both to none and it was like a new PC, it was smooth and wasnt a single frame drop.

    Turned it on the next day and all the issues were back and now nothing i can do will fix it.

    Disconnecting second screen fixes everything but i want 2!!!

    Stuff i have done:

    Reinstalled Nvidia Drivers (clean)
    Used 3DGuru driver removal and reinstalled driver
    Replaced cables
    Unplugged as many cables as possible
    Reseated GPU
    Changed GPU power connector
    Connected the second screen via HDMI from GTX and main screen via DVI from GTX (works)
    Swore at it

    I wanted the screens daisy-chained as want to connect my laptop too and switch to that (basically use as a KVM)

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