GTX 1080 Gsync issue?!

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by stojo, Oct 3, 2016.

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    first, sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany.

    I have a strange problem. I bought a GTX 1080 since release and never had problems with it.
    My Monitor is an Asus PG278Q.

    Now i a have a big problem, my Gsync doesn´t work anymore.

    It happened when i started my CSGO.
    Because i am thinking of to buy an Asus PG348Q like my friend has, i set the refresh rate in Nvidia Control panel from 144Hz to 100Hz to see how i like the maximum 100Hz from the PG348Q.

    I started the game and for the first time the Monitor LED changed from red to orange. It did never before.
    Then i noticed ingame, that Gsync was out of funkction. I got something around between 200 and 300 FPS.

    I went back to desktop and looked in the control panel for Gsync. It was activated how it should be.

    Then i tried everything, i restarted my PC, I deleted all driver files with driver cleaner and did a clean driver installation.

    Nothing helped. After driver installation i got message, that Gsync monitor is connected. But it doesn´t work.

    Then i called my friend, he brought me his Acer Gsync monitor. I plugged mine off and plugged the Acer in. Reinstalled the drivers and again, Gsync connected, but orange LED and in all games Gsync doesn´t work. Sometimes it works in some games in Window-mode, but in every game Gsync doesn´t work in fullscreen anymore.

    I really don´t know what has gone wrong, when i changed the refresh rate to 100 and started CSGO.

    Has anybody got a solution for me? I am very disappointed.

    Is my GTX 1080 broken? I have really no idea, where the problem is.

    Thank you in advance.

    Many greetings
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    if you can get G-Sync working in windowed then i don't think it's hardware issue.
    Most of the time i had issue with it, it was driver related. I'll suggest double checking everything is setup properly (vsync has to be activated for instance). And try a couple driver versions.
    G-Sync can be tricky at times.
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    Well Orange LED on a Rog Swift means its in standby mode I copied this from the FAQ :-

    The monitor LED changes color – what do the different modes mean?
    White – normal ‘fast’ gaming (up to 144Hz)
    Green –Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D hardware plugged into the PC and 3D Vision enabled
    Red – G-Sync enabled
    Yellow – Ultra Low Motion Blur
    Orange - Standby

    Make sure Windows hasn't install generic drivers for your Swift.
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    Ah...I also notice such problem. The fix is simple enough.

    First, untick 'Enable G-SYNC' and click 'Apply'.
    Then, re-tick 'Enable G-SYNC', select 'Enable G-SYNC for full screen mode', then re-select 'Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode' again. Finally click 'Apply' and Gsync should work properly.

    EDIT: It normally happen right after driver update. I have to repeat these steps each time after driver update.

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