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    Hello everyone, im thinking on buying a new PC with the GTX 1080 as GPU. But i dont know if i should buy the new i7-8700k with DDR4 RAM or try to get a cheaper pc and go for the i7-7700k and DDR3 RAM.

    I´ll mostly use the pc for gaming (thats why i think the 7700k would be better), but i also stream on twitch and im getting into 3d animation and video editing (and here is where the 8700k should perform better).

    So, should i go for the cheaper pc with the 7700k and DDR3 ram, or ill see a lot of difference in performance (even in gaming) with the 8700k and DDR4 ram ?
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    The 7700K supports DDR4, and DOES NOT support regular DDR3. It does support DDR3L but you really should be using DDR4 for the 7700K.

    Obviously the 8700K is faster than the 7700K in everything, but it's not that big a difference unless the application/game can make use of the extra 2 cores / 4 threads that the 8700K has over the 7700K. For those apps/games that can make full use of the 6 cores / 12 threads of the 8700K, the 7700K will be left in the dust.

    Since you plan on using your PC for 3D animation and video editing as well, you really should go with the 8700K if you can afford it.
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    If yours plan is to use yours PC for 3D animation and video editing then probably I would go with AMD Ryzen 2700 or 2700x which should be lot faster in rendering etc but this depends lot on SW used, in some applications Intel 8700k would be better bet than AMD but in other AMD would be lot faster than 8700k or 7700k

    GTX1080 is still great card for money, if you can find this card for good money,my Manli GTX1080 will do 2164MHz OC and other EVGA GTX 1080 will do 2100MHz as max

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura
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    If your going to do rendering or animation then go with the 1080 my friend.

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