GTX 1080 08G-gaming 11GPBS loud fan

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    Asus strix 1080 SLI
    Hey all,

    Just wondering, I am running SLI of a GTX 1080 08G-gaming and an ROG STRIX 08G-gaming 11GBPS (warranty purposes) and this card - the STRIX 11GBPS runs LOUD, even at 55-60% fan because there is only about 1-1/2 cm between the cards, so the Strix 11GBPS spins up first, where the other card barely reaches 60 degrees. If I set the fans to 65% in MSI afterburner, the STIRX 11GBPS card is LOUD, compared to the other card. Is this normal, are these cards loud? I was just wondering because I had a fan bearing go on my previous card, and I don't want this to happen on the STRIX 08G-gaming 11gbps card. Basically what I am asking is do these cards run loud? Cheers.
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    "Loud"is a very broad and vague term and can be biased depending on how each individual user perceives it.

    In SLI setup top card will always be hotter compared to bottom one as it gets hot air directly blown onto it, as a result fan speed of it will be higher which results in ""loud fan noise".

    Different story is if loud fan noise is due to malfunctioning fan. Try taking out your bottom card, leave top one, test with some benches, afterwards test on fixed fan RPM. Do the same thing with bottom one, compare results. If at same temps / fan RPM top one is louder, well then you have an answer.
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    Aorus 1080ti Extreme
    I had a strix 1080ti it was like a jet taking off
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    Strix 1080 Ti oc
    I have a GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC and I can barely heard it even with fan set to 75% temps never exceed 54°c

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    Asus Strix GTX 1080
    Agreed, I have GTX 1080 and can't distinguish the fans from the case fans when running OC'd at 70c max. BTW my fans are set on Auto and using GPUTweak II.
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    Just set a fixed profile for your strix. Something that is acceptable for you, where its max temp would be 80c for example. And since the other card is quieter you can set an even more aggressive fan profile for that one. You can control both cards separately in msi afterburner, just untick the 'sync blabla for similar cards' or something.
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    760 SMG 28"
    It needs to cool all that memory. Just wear headphones and your set. gl
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    Aorus 2080S WB
    80? pascal doesnt thermal throttle below 84.
    unless you meant real-use temps measured, not the fixed point for fan profile.

    different cards/fan solutions will have different sound/volume.
    i had 1060/70 with 3 fans where you could easily hear it running (airflow), and another one with 2 (larger) fans was almost inaudible running same load.

    set your fan profile in AB to reach 100%@90C.
    run benches/game for 30-40 min and see if any card exceeds 82C.
    increase the temp in fan profile, you reach about 82C, this will leave a little headroom,
    in case it does get a little hotter.

    maybe think about LC the cpu, even if its just an AIO.
    main reason: it dumps all the cpu heat outside the case (if rad is set for exhaust),
    and will lower all other temps by about 20-30C.

    i can run 100%@100C as fan profile (linear up from 0%@40C), and no card (1060/70) exceeded 80ish degrees while boosting to 2Ghz.
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