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    290X Lightning CFX (H2O)
    Rockstar last patch didn't fixed the game innability to set resolutions on launch:

    If in game res and Hz are not EXACTLY as desktop ones it start in windowed mode

    I.e if i set in game fullscreen 1080p 59Hz and desktop is set to 1080 60 Hz this give GTA V windowed mode on launch.

    It must be 59 Hz. :3eyes:

    I tried to see the limits of 1080 maxing ALL in game (ultra and higher value in each graphic option) with my crossfire (1150/1600) and i don't get good results.


    The GPUs usage is at 85-98% (never 99% locked), CPU are around 70-80% and frames are in 100-110 range if i don't move.

    The problem is the values is when i move around these values are lowered to GPU 52-80% and CPU 60 in first and 45 in fourth core with frames lowered under 40 fps.

    I tried with lower resolutions (even 768p) and the results are similar: GPU is never fully used.
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    ASUS GTX 980ti @ 1470
    I've got single 290x OC and can't get full GPU usage too. For me, biggest performance hit is shadows. On Very High, the game is stuttery as hell, and still not 100% GPU, not 100% CPU, uses less than 4GB RAM, and a lot of swap file. Also, when HT is on, game shows massive CPU load across virtual cores, but FPS is somehow LOWER than 4-core. Something isn't right with the game or drivers. AMD and R*, PLEASE optimize.

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