GTA V seems to now be a stuttery mess for me with Crimson driver and crossfire

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    There are more things involved like flushing RAM of old resources allocated and not currently used (and locked) in case RAM is getting lower and the normal load/unload of background processes but the new compression algorythm must be triggered by something at some point of % of usage (or commit) of REAL RAM.

    This trigger should be previous than the infamous "Close programs to free RAM" is showed wich occur before OS REALLY run out of RAM (REAL and PF) if not OS crash/freeze will be instant.
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    Memory management is more complicated than that. If Windows is a tiny bit like Linux (and I guess most OSes are close in this), then there are a lot of parameters that might make the kernel use the page file, even if you have a ton of ram available. Some of the parameters include how often a piece of data is accessed, the size of it, it's percentage compared to the rest of the memory used by the program etc. Unfortunately Windows are not transparent and tweakable like Linux is in this aspect. On the other hand, memory management seems to be much better under Windows 10. In my system much less page file is being used, and things will now be compressed in RAM instead of being aggressively paged.

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