GTA Trilogy Remaster Offers Proper Graphics Improvements

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 25, 2021.

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    Not sure what you're talking about Rockstar having released these "only available in Japen before" remasters.

    One they haven't released anything yet only announced and two they certainly haven't ever been available only in Japan or anywhere else since they are brand new.

    Care to explain what you're talking about here?
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  3. Nelly D Gamer

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    Yeah this story is kinda dumb, the trilogy releases everywhere (including Japan) on November 11th.

    Might want to edit the story :)
  4. insp1re2600

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    amazing what a bit of bloom can do
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  5. Stairmand

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    Wouldn't mind a blast at GTA3 again, but it's not enough to warrant the £55 they are asking for it.
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  6. xV_Slayer

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  7. D1stRU3T0R

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    "Proper graphics improvements"?

    This was proved to be achievable with some mods made by some russian kid locked up in the basement. I honestly recommend checking out this video, by a REAL GTA youtuber, not some MrClickbaitFTW type of recommandation. Honestly, only like render distance really changed, and some minor graphical improvement, the rest is just bullshittery. You will laugh if you check the video, seeing how bad these "remasters" are. It's the same company which made the GTA SA Remaster for mobile, which was a huge failure too.

    GTA 3 looks good tho, Vice City too but Tommy Vercetti for some reason is fat, and GTA San Andreas looks like Roblox/Fortnite adaptation for newborn kids.
  8. The Laughing Ma

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    Forza 5 releases 2 days before hand at a cheaper price... why would I give Rcokstar money for these?
  9. mbk1969

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    "There is only one Trilogy..."
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  10. MrBonk

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    They really need to take another pass at this, the visuals are very inconsistent. Geometry needs the most improvement to fit with the hodge podge lighting upgrades. (And an option to turn the SSAO strength down as it has that typical UE4 super strong look)

  11. MyEinsamkeit

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    lol really? I thought he was the admin and he always seem to post correct info. Never knew he did it before. But yea i don't understand this topic as well. Maybe he was in a rush and had to go to the bathroom and forgot to finish the article?
  12. kapu

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    It would be only Proper if we get "proper release" on known torrent sites :)
  13. Undying

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    I dont think i'd want this even on the torrent sites. Im still waiting for a new Gta. Hell they cant re-release gta 5 again after the backslash so there is hope.
  14. Solfaur

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    I honestly expected as much. The time and effort proper remakes would have needed to port the games to their RAGE engine would have been massive. They simply brushed up these archaic games with minimal effort for a quick cash grab instead, what a surprise.

    That being said, I might eventually grab them for nostalgia sake, but yeah, I too look forward for a NEW gta game. However them gtao shark cards moneys are just too sweet I guess...
  15. bobblunderton

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    When I bought GTA V back right after it was released, I found it was a pretty good game for it's single-player story mode. Multiplayer cash-grab was rubbish. I've moved and internet is satellite = no multiplayer stuff for this man, not missing it at all. Love the old GTA IV's regular (not-gta) RACE MODE servers for months after it came out - about a year or two in fact - but not GTA V.
    However, the novelty of sim-criminal has long gone along with my youth from when the first three games came out. I'd feel more fulfilled painting my house or sitting on my riding lawnmower.
    The series was best with San Andreas, and while I looked forward to a remaster - this is no remaster - they're selling us a bug fix and a little small improvement including some freely available asphalt PBR textures available on the internet, the cities LOOK to be no-longer sectioned-off with load-screens (GTA III and VC), and possibly touching up some models outside of vehicle textures/etc, addition of lense-flare though modern Direct-X SDK etc.
    No, no it is not worth what they're asking. I can see why there wasn't much budget on this.

    When it's 20$ I could recommend it to others, but not at it's current price of more than that. Why?
    Well, with hoop after hoop of fetching logins, passwords, and screen after screen of DRM, I'd rather just fire up a simple game I can start with a click or two when I have the time.
    If I am going to go through all kinds of hoops to do something, I'd sooner be working on and investing time & money in my house.
    It was from around 2009 to 2015 unit we got a new GTA game on PC the last time, and now it's the end of 2021, a whole SIX AND A HALF years after the last PC release, and the only thing they can do is give us a <25,000$ budget remaster? Yeah, no. I forgot about GTA series pretty much and don't miss it nor it's toxic online community of angry little bullied kids practicing how to be societal terrorists.

    There's much, much better stuff to be had on PC as far as games go; and much better uses for my time in which I could be making my own city in an existing game-engine to make a game environment as I see fit (and I do, go on BeamNG Drive website and look up Los Injurus City).

    I was OK with disc-checks or needing to have Steam open to run the thing, but anymore there's just too many hoops to jump through with so many other companies putting separate launchers you have to deal with - and of-course pandering their pay-to-win goods at you also. This also goes for Ubisoft's U-play, EA Origin, Epic, and so-forth and so-on (the old adage - If it's not on GoG / Steam or similar, no thanks - surely you've heard this enough to dry anyone's eyes out reading it all).

    Much better uses for your money exist out there, and in video games alone there's a ton of better games out there by developers who actually really try to please & value the consumer.
    This should have been a 30$ thing at most.
    Better yet, they could have just forgone the attempt at claiming a remake or remaster and just bug-fixed it for free like other developers do.

    I still cannot find the sense in their choice of - Leave the swearing and the murder in but worry about the confederate flag icons... wha!?
    I just hope they didn't censor Big Smoke's big drive-through order. I loved* GTA SA, but this is no re-master, it's a bug-fix at best with a tiny GFX update.

    *Just for the record, Doom (1993), Half-Life (1998 or 1999), and GTA SA were some of the best games ever - so none of this is said without at-least a bit of thought behind it.
    Feel free to disagree or correct where necessary, but please do be civil.

    --The Bob

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