GSync Compat + RTSS Scanline Sync, any reason not to use this?

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    I have a BenQ EW3270U, and using the FreeSync option ala GSync Compatible has been a dodgy mess. In fact, the only mode that works properly is by using Fullscreen Exclusive (Fullscreen Optimizations disabled). Anything with FSO enabled = blanking screen. With most of my games, I just set this up as above, and enable VSync for tear removal, RTSS for frame cap and all is good.

    Except some of my DX9 games. One that I play often is SWTOR, and when I use VSync or Fast Sync, I get a scanline the comes and goes that is dark, and is annoying beyond measure. VSync off, and everything is perfect, except for tear lines. So I decided to try a VSync alternative, Scanline Sync, with Flushing enabled, and discovered I get perfect output with a -10 setting.

    I was wondering if there are any pitfalls to using this that I am not aware of?
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    Lot's of good info there. RealNC covers pretty much everything in the first page.
    I personally don't bother, kinda ruins the variable part I like about VRR.

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