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    Performance is worse maxed out in comparison with control which has amazing graphics. Unbelievable. Not recommended. Bad optimization, i'll keep an eye for patches.
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    EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW
    Looks like a "AA" game that might be great. We need more of those, like in the good old times. Wishlisted.

    Nah, it has been going on for a while. Stationfall for example in 1987 :p Dagerfall. Dragonfall...
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    Φτιάξε PC, αυτό φταίει.

    The facial animations are really bad, i mean yes i know it's a AA game, but still..Also, it's really demanding at 4K/Ultra settings, a 2080Ti can't maintain 60+FPS. A good sweetFX preset is a must.

    Greedfall PC Performance Analysis
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    They are always on low budget as you can always see in their games and they want to archive more then they could with their budget. But they have very good ideas and Greedfall is very much their best game so far. Im enjoying it tho i have some complaints but i can get over them. Currently level24.

    Have a look at some mods - like removing camera bobbling etc.

    dsogaming? Bah.. ;) They only tested 6 gpu? lol.. but yeah, the game is very unoptimized, like all their games have been. Its still pretty playable if you also reduce the max view distance (which is only loading high-low res textures loading) and cloth physx.
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    man i was sleeping on this game, i just realized yesterday that it was released, playing it ever since. What a breath of fresh air for me at least.
    I don't know if a missed any bad things at launch but it looks pretty good with ok voice acting and decent facial animations. Comparing that with AC Odyssey which i bought and almost wanted to punch the monitor when i heard the voices..what an annoying f***ing game that is..bleah should have ask for a refund.
    As far for gameplay and rpg elements, everything is there, nothing special, just the necessary tools to enjoy this.
    This devs feel like they can do so much better with more money.
    Also running 60fps most of the time with dips here and there, 4k Ultra settings.
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    I started to play this game and man, this game is so boring, not sure if I would finish this game, literally thinking just uninstall and forgot this game, I have high expectations regarding the game, but after few hours in game, its so boring and performance is meh as well, GPU usage on RTX 2080Ti is in 80's to 90's

    Literally I just want to ask for refund for this game

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

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