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Graphics are stagnant.

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by SerotoNiN, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. serbicu

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    RTX 2080Ti
    LOl, the exclusive games from playstation looked better than all of the games that I've recently played on PC. I can go back even further and talk about how amazing the first Last of Us looked on PS3 at that time! Man, I was blown away ! :D

    Thing is, we need this next generation of consoles really bad, as this will, hopefully, push the GFX into a new era, and we can all benefit on it right on our gaming PCs. I use my PC only for all the trird party games, so I can play them 60fps., but unfortunatelly, there are not so many good games these days that can keep me interested. The older I get, the more picky I become, and rather do something else, then just play a game with beautiful graphics, but lacks in story, gameplay and athmosphere. We need new IPs, we need good stories, well implemented, we need games that leave a mark on us, after we have finished them. I will be happy, if I get 2 (3 even better) of such games early in the future, no matter on what platform they come. This years E3, had very little, even close to nothing to show, and that does not look good for the future.

    EDIT: Now days, I find myself starting my PC, with the intention to play a game, then I find myself browsing the internet for a while, then I go straight to guru3d forum, half an hour later, I close my PC and go my own way lol :)
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  2. SerotoNiN

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    This has been my problem for 15 years. Lol. No joke.
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